Saturday, September 29, 2012

NFL: Week 4 Picks For HEAT Players' Favorite Teams

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James' favorite NFL teams face-off on Monday Night Football. Who will have bragging rights in training camp after the game?

Alfredo Arteaga from went 2-4-1 in Week 3 and is 5-13-1 this season picking games for the HEAT players' favorite teams against the spread. Maybe his picks will improve now that the real refs are back. AccuScore picks from ESPN Insider NFL Pickcenter went 4-2-1 in Week 3 and is 8-4-1 this season. Alfredo and AccuScore's picks for Week 4 are listed below.

Mario Chalmers' Panthers at Falcons
Line: Panthers +8
AccuScore Pick: Falcons
Alfredo's Pick: Panthers
Result: Panthers lost 28-30

Mike Miller's Vikings at Lions
Line: Vikings +4
AccuScore Pick: Lions
Alfredo's Pick: Lions
Result: Vikings won 20-13

Udonis Haslem and James Jones' Dolphins at Cardinals
Line: Dolphins +6
AccuScore Pick: Dolphins
Alfredo's Pick: Dolphins
Result: Dolphins lost 21-24

Saints at Dexter Pittman's Packers
Line: Packers -8
AccuScore Pick: Packers
Alfredo's Pick: Saints
Result: Packers won 28-27

Giants at Norris Cole's Eagles
Line: Eagles -1
AccuScore Pick: Giants
Alfredo's Pick: Eagles
Result: Eagles won 19-17

Dwyane Wade's Bears at LeBron James and Chris Bosh's Cowboys
Line: Cowboys -4
AccuScore Pick: Bears
Alfredo's Pick: Cowboys
Result: Bears won 34-18

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