Thursday, September 20, 2012

NFL: Week 3 Picks for HEAT Players' Favorite Teams

Mario Chalmers is ready to watch his Carolina Panthers take on the Giants in NFL Thursday Night Football, but man & machine disagree about whether he'll be happy with the outcome.

Alfredo Arteaga from went 1-4 in Week 2 and is 3-9 this season picking winners in HEAT players' favorite NFL games. AccuScore picks from ESPN Insider NFL Pickcenter went 4-2 in Week 2. Will Alfredo make up some ground in Week 3?

Giants at Mario Chalmers' Panthers
Line: Panthers -3
AccuScore Pick: Giants
Alfredo's Pick: Panthers
Result: Giants won 36-7

Rams at Dwyane Wade's Bears
Line: Bears -8
AccuScore Pick: Bears
Alfredo's Pick: Bears
Result: Bears won 23-6

Buccaneers at LeBron James & Chris Bosh's Cowboys
Line: Cowboys -8
AccuScore Pick: Cowboys
Alfredo's Pick: Buccaneers
Result: Cowboys won 16-10

Jets at Udonis Haslem and James Jones' Dolphins
Line: Dolphins +3
AccuScore Pick: Dolphins
Alfredo's Pick: Dolphins
Result: Jets won 23-20

49ers at Mike Miller's Vikings
Line: Vikings +8
AccuScore Pick: Vikings
Alfredo's Pick: 49ers
Result: Vikings won 24-13

Norris Cole's Eagles at Cardinals
Line: Cardinals +4
AccuScore Pick: Eagles
Alfredo's Pick: Eagles
Result: Cardinals won 27-6

Dexter Pittman's Packers at Seahawks
Line: Seahawks +4
AccuScore Pick: Packers
Alfredo's Pick: Packers
Result: Seahawks won 14-12

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