Sunday, October 14, 2012

NFL Week 6 Picks for HEAT Players' Favorite Teams

Dallas Cowboys may need LeBron James at wide receiver against the Baltimore Ravens defense this week to keep Tony Romo from throwing another 5 interceptions.

Which HEAT players will be disappointed in their favorite NFL teams when they get back from China? The picks for Week 6 are listed below.

AccuScore picks from ESPN Insider NFL Pickcenter are 4-8 since the real refs returned and 12-12-1 for the season. This week AccuScore will be going against Brian Burke's win probabilities from Advanced NFL Stats.

Rams at Udonis Haslem & James Jones' Dolphins
Line: Dolphins -5
AccuScore pick: Dolphins
Advanced NFL Stats pick: Dolphins
Result: Dolphins won 17-14

Lions at Norris Cole's Eagles
Line: Eagles -4
AccuScore pick: Lions
Advanced NFL Stats pick: Eagles
Result: Eagles lost 23-26

LeBron James & Chris Bosh's Cowboys at Ravens
Line: Cowboys +4
AccuScore pick: Ravens
Advanced NFL Stats pick: Cowboys
Result: Cowboys lost 29-31

Mike Miller's Vikings at Washington
Line: Vikings +2
AccuScore pick: Vikings
Advanced NFL Stats pick: Vikings
Result: Vikings lost 26-38

Dexter Pittman's Packers at Texans
Line: Packers +4
AccuScore pick: Packers
Advanced NFL Stats pick: Texans
Result: Packers won 42-24

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