Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Preseason Fanalyst Rankings: Behind the Scenes With the Numbers

Why were the Nets missing from the Preseason NBA Fanalyst Rankings? Take a look at the numbers and see for yourself.

The spreadsheet below lists the minutes and wins produced last season for each player on the roster of every team in the Eastern Conference this preseason except the Miami HEAT and the Charlotte Bobcats because it's assumed they will finish first and last in the conference, respectively. The projections for wins produced per 48 minutes are listed for rookies while the minutes and projected wins produced are listed for foreign players (thanks to Arturo Galletti).

The spreadsheet shows what the winning percentage would be for each team based on the players' performance from last season.

Those numbers were used for the Fanalyst Rankings. In most cases, they don't account for any potential changes in the minutes played this season that may be caused by injuries, new coaches, new rotations, etc. but they're good enough for preseason.  The Nets and 76ers didn't make the preseason cut because the numbers just didn't add up to a top 8 winning percentage.

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