Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 19 NBA Fanalyst Rankings: Best Supporting Cast

The Miami HEAT blew out the Pacers with LeBron James producing a season-low 13 points while Mario Chalmers (26 points) and Chris Bosh (24 points), the team’s 5th and 3rd leading scorers, stepped up to lead the team in scoring. This week’s Fanalyst Rankings analyze the supporting casts for the best teams in the Eastern Conference.

There are two sides to every NBA Power Ranking: the Fanalytical and the Fanatical. As a Miami HEAT blogger living on the east coast, MHI plays the fanalyst for the Eastern Conference. As a Denver Nuggets fan living west of the Mississippi River, Mrs. NBA plays the fan and provides the slander. The roles are reversed for the Western Conference.

1. Miami HEAT (47-14, prev. rank: 1)

MHI: LeBron leads the HEAT in scoring with 27 ppg and has produced 36% of the team’s wins this season, according to The HEAT’s supporting cast has produced 28 wins this season with an average of 0.108 wins produced per 48 minutes per player (an average NBA player produces 0.100 WP48). Erik Spoelstra may need the supporting cast this week on the 2nd night of a back-to-back in Philadelphia to keep the winning streak alive and compete with a deep bench in Milwaukee. The supporting cast should come through to go 4-0 this week - unless Spo puts the maintenance program into effect.

Mrs. NBA: 18 wins? 18 wins? 18 wins? Pffttt. Impress me when you have the best player on the planet on your team, what was that you just screamed? Oh, yeah.,...that's right. You have the king on Miami's throne...I gotta find another excuse to hate...hold on tight.

2. Indiana Pacers (39-24, prev. rank: 2)

MHI: Paul George leads the Pacers with 18 ppg and has produced 22% of the team’s wins this season. The supporting cast has produced 34 wins this season with an average of 0.126 WP48. George and the Pacers get 2 days to recover from their beatdown by Biscayne Bay and should bounce back to go 3-0 this week with Timberwolves, Lakers and @Sixers (back-to-back) on the schedule.

Mrs. NBA: Indiana. Indiana. Indiana. What's an export of Indiana outside of Larry Bird, corn, and John Mellancamp? Hibbert and company all talk and no bite, like a dollar store tramp.

3. New York Knicks (38-22, prev. rank: 3)

MHI: Carmelo Anthony leads the Knicks with 28 ppg but has only produced 2% of the team’s wins this season. Melo’s supporting cast has produced 38 wins this season with an average of 0.145 WP48. While Melo and Amare Stoudemire struggle with knee injuries, the load will be too heavy for Tyson Chandler to carry the supporting cast to more than 1 win on the road at Warriors, Nuggets, Blazers and Clippers. It could be an 0-4 week for the Knicks.

Mrs. NBA: Amar'e is injured. What's new. Might as well buy him a nice business suit; he's gonna be on the bench for the long-term; who's gonna save the team? Mr. Bricks, J.R. Smith? Oh, burn. Melo is injured, too? Hey, wait, they have ole Kenyon Martin, Steve Novak, and Raymond Felton to cure them of their losing woes. Yea, Knicks, you're being lose.

4. Brooklyn Nets (37-26, prev. rank: 4)

MHI: Brook Lopez leads the Nets with 18.6 ppg and has produced 15% of the team’s wins this season. The supporting cast has produced 26 wins this season with an average of 0.092 WP48. The Nets have made changes in their rotation, like benching Kris Humphries to develop Mirza Teletovic. If those changes payoff, the Nets should go 2-1 this week @Sixers and vs. Hornets & Hawks.

Mrs. NBA: Brooklyn is still so trendy, not quite like Fendhi. Without scoring from D-Will or Joe, their offense really blows.

5. Boston Celtics (34-28, prev. rank: 8)

MHI: Paul Pierce leads the Celtics with 19 ppg and has produced 17% of the teams wins this season. The supporting cast has produced 28 wins this season with an average of 0.102 WP48 that drops to 0.090 WP48 without Rajon Rondo. The Celtics won’t miss Rondo as long as Kevin Garnett stays healthy enough for them to blowout the Bobcats and Raptors for a 3-0 week to stay in the East’s top 5.

Mrs. NBA: No Rondo, no prob. Until they get into the postseason, and keep up with the opponents' lobs.

6. Chicago Bulls (35-28, prev. rank: 6)

MHI: Luol deng leads the Bulls with 16 ppg and has produced 18% of the team’s wins this season. The supporting cast has produced 27 wins this season with an average of 0.100 WP48. The Bulls should go 2-0 this week @Kings and @Warriors. The more important issue is whether the 5 days off will be enough for Derrick Rose to work his way back onto the active roster.

Mrs. NBA: Bulls offense is a joke, then you have Derrick Rose who's mentally a choke. Which is worse? I don't know, but the Bulls playoff hopes are about to burst.

7. Atlanta Hawks (34-28, prev. rank: 5)

MHI: Al Horford leads the Hawks with 17 ppg and has produced 25% of the team’s wins this season. The supporting cast has produced 22 wins this season with an average of 0.082 WP48. If Josh Smith doesn’t melt down in crunch time against the Lakers again, the Hawks should go 3-1 this week @HEAT, vs. Lakers (back-to-back), vs. Suns and @Nets.

Mrs. NBA: Josh Smith went on record to say it's hard to play in Atlanta, worst sports town in the country. Might wanna tell Ferry to grab that Mylanta, cuz Smith is outtie.

8. Milwaukee Bucks (32-29, prev. rank: 7)

MHI: Monta Ellis leads the Bucks with 19 ppg but has only produced 8% of the team’s wins this season. The supporting cast has produced 27 wins this season with an average of 0.104 WP48. If Ersan Ilyasova can play after missing games with a bone bruise in his knee last week, then he and his teammates should carry the Bucks to a 3-1 record this week.

Mrs. NBA: Fear the deer? You heard they want Miami in the first round, Brandon thinks it'll be rosy. You might wanna report him to Stern, cuz dude has been smoking the chronic. Burn.

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