Sunday, April 28, 2013

HEAT vs. Bucks Game 4: Clean Sweep

The HEAT injury report may have changed, but the mission hasn't: sweep the Bucks. If they play hard now, they can rest later.

Don't rest Dwyane Wade. Don't rely on the bench to win the game. Just roll out the best players and let them  get on the same page to send a message to the NBA - "You can't fuck wit' the HEAT."

Put on the black jerseys and black out all hope that the Bucks belong on the same floor with the HEAT. Let the Nets and Bulls battle to a 6 or 7-game series with the thought in the back of their minds that they're just weakening themselves to get slaughtered in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Diminish any excitement generated by their games by forcing the national media to concede how worthless their battle will be for the next 6 days while the HEAT rest and get even better.

That's what I want to see in Game 4. A sweep is not enough. At least 2 other teams will sweep. Hell, even the Knicks may sweep and they haven't won a playoff series in over a decade! 

A sweep is not enough. It needs to be a clean sweep. Erase any evidence the Bucks even made it to the 2013 playoffs. Sweep the Bucks and bleach their arena to leave no traces of the beatdown.

That's what I want to see in Game 4.

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