Thursday, June 20, 2013

2013 NBA Finals: Miami HEAT Need To Be Faster & More Physical In Game 7

Miami HEAT will need to be better in transition and attacking the paint if they don't want Game 7 to come down to a miraculous 30 seconds like Game 6.

The Spurs were the faster and more physical team in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals, but the HEAT took advantage of space for their shooters and were mentally tougher in crunch time as they made clutch shots while the Spurs missed free throws.

Here's how the battle for Fast, Physical, Free Space, Fatigue & Foul Trouble broke down by the numbers in Game 6...

Fast: Advantage Spurs
Steals: HEAT 10, Spurs 8
Fast break points: Spurs 11, HEAT 5
Transition offense: Spurs 16 points on 14 plays, HEAT 9 points on 6 plays

Kawhi Leonard scored 8 points in transition for the Spurs. If the HEAT can't get into transition for their own easy buckets, then they will need better transition defense in Game 7 to limit the Spurs' easy buckets.

Physical: Advantage Spurs
Offensive rebounding: HEAT grabbed 27% of missed shots, Spurs grabbed 25% of missed shots
Pick-and-rolls & post-ups: Spurs 33 points on 41 plays, HEAT 29 points on 37 plays
Points in the paint: Spurs 60, HEAT 36

Tim Duncan grabbed 5 offensive rebounds, used 16 pick-and-rolls & post-ups and scored 22 points in the paint for the Spurs. The HEAT may have to live with giving up 60 points in the paint to Duncan in Game 7 to prevent the Spurs from bombing them out of the AA from the 3-point line, but they will likely need to score more than 36 points in the paint to defend their title.

Free Space: Advantage HEAT
Spot-ups: HEAT 36 points on 30 plays, Spurs 23 points on 23 plays

Mario Chalmers scored 14 points on 8 spot-ups for the HEAT.

Fatigue: Advantage HEAT
4th quarter & OT execution
  • HEAT: 38 points, 67% shooting efficiency, 6 turnovers, 3 off. rebounds, 6-9 free throw shooting, increased chance of winning 42%
  • Spurs: 25 points, 33% shooting efficiency, 3 turnovers, 6 off. rebounds, 6-10 free throw shooting, decreased chance of winning 10%

Mike Miller was the most productive HEAT player in the 4th quarter of Game 6. He increased the HEAT's chance of winning by 13% with his one-shoe three-pointer to cut the Spurs lead to 4 early in the 4th quarter, 2 defensive rebounds and 1 shot block. His hustle to pick up the offensive rebound and assist for LeBron's big three that cut the Spurs lead to 2 with 20.1 seconds left set the table for Ray Allen's game-tying 3.

Foul Trouble: Advantage Spurs
Fouls: Spurs 21, HEAT 26
Free throws (FTs) per shot ratio: Spurs 21 FTs on 85 shots (25%), HEAT 16 FTs on 81 shots (20%)

Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili combined for 13 free throw attempts and Ray Allen was responsible for 8 of them. He had 5 fouls in the game. Erik Spoelstra went with offense over defense in Game 6 and got a victory. The shooters will have to find a way to stay on the floor and continue defending like they did in the 2nd half to win Game 7.

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