Tuesday, June 18, 2013

HEAT Check: Dwyane Wade Not To Blame For Danny Green's BIG Game 5

Dwyane Wade got most of the blame for Danny Green's 24 points in Game 5 of the NBA Finals but his defense didn't surrender most of the points.

I watched all 24 points Green scored in Game 5 using mysynergysports.com. Green scored 24 points on 9 plays (8 shots and 2 free throws). Wade was only responsible for guarding Green on 2 of his scoring plays.

Let's breakdown Green's scoring...
  1. 11:02 in Q1: Green cut behind LeBron James for a layup. 2 points.
  2. 8:40 in Q2: Ray Allen collapsed into the paint to triple-team Tiago Splitter, Splitter passed back out to Boris Diaw who swung it to Green who hit a spot-up 3 as Allen closed out too late. 5 points.
  3. 7:40 in Q2: Green spotted up for a corner 3, Mario Chalmers took his eyes off him, Green ran behind him on the baseline to the opposite corner and Manu Ginobili swung the ball to him as he spotted up for an open 3. 8 points.
  4. 7:01 in Q2: Ray Allen left Green to double-team Parker after Bosh switched onto him in the pick-and-roll and Parker hit Green for another open spot-up 3. 11 points.
  5. 2:46 in Q2: Ray Allen chased Green off the 3-point line and fouled him after he drove by him and went up for a shot over Udonis Haslem in the lane. Green made both free throws. 13 points.
  6. 9:40 in Q3: Ginobili knocked the ball loose from Dwyane Wade. Green and Wade dove on the floor for it, Green got it, passed to Ginobili who took off on the break. Green got off the floor before Dwyane Wade and beat him down court for an open 3 in transition as LeBron James watched with his hands down. 16 points.
  7. 2:54 in Q3: Dwyane Wade sagged off Green in halfcourt. Diaw set a screen on his defender, Shaved Monkey Nuts aka Shane Battier, and handed the ball off to Green who pulled up for an open 3 as Dwyane Wade contested the shot too late. 19 points.
  8. 8:15 in Q4: Ray Allen closed out hard on Green at the 3-point line and he drove by Ray Allen for a floater in the lane. 21 points.
  9. 1:06 in Q4: LeBron James missed a layup, Ginobili took off leading a 3-on-3 break with Parker and Green on the wings with Mike Miller, Chris Bosh and Ray Allen back for the HEAT. Mike Miller picked up Ginobili to stop the ball, Ray Allen went with Parker and Chris Bosh stayed in the paint. Green went to the corner and hit an open 3 in transition as Chris Bosh couldn't close the distance in time. 24 points.

Here's how Green's scoring breaks down by defender:
  • 10 points on Ray Allen
  • 3-6 points on Dwyane Wade (if you blame him for not tossing Green off him and beating Green down court after his turnover)
  • 3 points on Mario Chalmers
  • 2-5 points on LeBron James (if you blame him for not closing out hard on Green in transition after Wade's turnover)
  • 0-3 points on Chris Bosh (who was put in a tough spot on the break - leave Miller 1-on-1 with Ginobili or leave Green in the corner for a 3? Ray Allen probably should've went with Green instead of Parker on the break.)

The HEAT's 4 core perimeter players all surrendered points to Green in Game 5. Ray Allen was the biggest problem, but the HEAT need to be better collectively if they want to control the ultimate Random Scrub HEAT Killer and get a different outcome in Game 6.

Play-by-play taken from NBA.com.

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