Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shaved Monkey Nuts Makes Me Proud

Fuck those threes he hit in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. I've only been proud of Shaved Monkey Nuts (aka Shane Battier) once since he joined the Miami HEAT.

What did Shaved Monkey Nuts do to make me proud? He responded to @Unique1019TH, a HEAT fan on twitter and contributor to this blog, with a CLASSIC DM.

Why would I be proud that Shaved Monkey Nuts called me "one of the most ignorant, clueless bloggers" he's seen? Because I despise him and everything he represents. Kinda like Jalen Rose did before he started fronting to save his job on ESPN.

Fuck Duke. Fuck black athletes that think it's OK to celebrate a championship by eating at Denny's, and fuck being like the rest of the bloggers that think that shit's a cool story. 

I don't want to be 1 of the corporate heaux bloggers this sick, racist and corrupt world accepts. I don't do this blog for mainstream acceptance.

So I'm proud that Shaved Monkey Nuts thinks I'm ignorant and clueless. It just confirms that I'm onto something.

And I still hope a hurricane blows his new home outta Coral Gables...

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  1. LOL He balled out for your team in championship play TWICE and you can't even give him the respect he's due. He spaces the floor and keeps Wade and James out of foul trouble by taking their natural match ups half the game. You were wrong: He was a great pick up and Harden is a max player! Shane is not "black" he's biracial and raised by the white side. What, was he supposed to by a bunch of platinum jewelery and start speaking ebonics? Dallas beat the heat while making LESS total baskets because they torched the Heat behind the 3 point line. They almost went down again except they light bulb finally went off in Spoestra's head, "We probably shouldn't leave Danny Green." "3 and D" is a well known valuable roll player. And who "reps the hood" then uses some geek stat to tell him who's ballin'. Ghetto pass revoked. Enjoy your Denny's.

    1. I hope you get tested on a regular basis. Dick riding Shaved Monkey Nuts is the leading cause of HIV among basketball fans.