Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kyrie Irving Dickriders Gots To Chill

Kyrie Irving's become overrated despite missing an average of more than 25 games his last 3 seasons playing for the Duke Blue Devils and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Let's set the record straight. Kyrie is not the next Chris Paul. He's a better scorer than CP3 but lags behind him in nearly every other category if you compare their first 2 seasons in the NBA.

If you add up all of Kyrie's deficiencies, the production over his first 2 seasons was worth an estimated 12 wins less than CP3 (based on the average PG production in the NBA last season). See the HEAT Produced Page for an explanation of Estimated Wins Produced.

12 wins over 2 seasons is a big gap. Last season, 6 wins was the difference between 6th and 10th place in the Western Conference and 7th and 10th place in the Eastern Conference. Six wins was enough to swing the title for every division except the Southeast (Miami HEAT won by 22 games) and the Pacific (Clippers won by 9 games).

Why is the gap between CP3 and Kyrie so big after 2 seasons? Because CP3 could stay on the floor and Kyrie hasn't. CP3 played 1,555 more minutes than Kyrie in his first 2 seasons. Missing games due to injuries is one reason but even when Kyrie played he didn't play the amount of minutes expected of a superstar.

The only Rookies of the Year that played less minutes per game than Kyrie in NBA history are Tommy Heinsohn and Mike Miller.

Kyrie only ranks 70th in minutes per game among 105 players in NBA history that were all-stars in their first 2 seasons.

The NBA is Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and there's No Bitchassness Allowed. The best players have to be on the floor to make a difference. Right now, the difference between Kyrie and CP3 is the difference between the lottery and the playoffs. Until he can stay on the floor and be more than a good scorer, that won't change for Kyrie or the Cavs.

Kyrie dickriders? You Gots To Chill.

P.S. Norris Cole was able to snuff out Kyrie's attempted game-winner in the clip above because he'd seen that move a month earlier...

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