Wednesday, September 25, 2013

10% Diss: Dwyane Wade vs. James Harden, courtesy of Kevin Durant

One more time for the slow kids... Dwyane Wade was the best shooting guard in the NBA last season.

Wade had to hit Durant with the 10% diss for telling CineSport that James Harden is a better player than him.

Hot damn, hoe, here we go again... Durant must've cried out all his memories of Wade outplaying Harden in the 2012 NBA Finals.

But hey, why bring up old shit?

The post, Dwyane Wade: Best SG in the NBA By the Numbers, illustrated why Wade was the best shooting guard in the league last season despite recovering from offseason knee surgery and missing 14 games during the year.

Here are a few excerpts from that post...

"Wade's advantage in traditional stats came in 6 areas - overall shooting percentage from the floor, offensive rebounds, total rebounds (tied with Kobe), steals, blocks and turnovers. To make it even plainer, Wade's advantages over Harden and Kobe were shooting efficiency and defense. Defense was an especially big advantage for Wade. ranked Wade 85th in points allowed per defensive play, Kobe 151st and Harden 322nd. Simply put, Wade was a better defender in the HEAT system, than Harden or Kobe were in the Rockets' or Lakers' systems, and his play on both ends of the floor limited his opponents' production at a far greater rate than Kobe or Harden's play did."

The post provides stats that show Wade increased the HEAT's chance of winning by 24% for every 48 minutes he was on the court. Harden increased the Rockets' chance of winning by 19% every 48 minutes. Kobe increased the Lakers' chance of winning by 17% every 48 minutes.

"This is the brilliance of Wade that gets underrated. Even during a season where the media proclaimed he was falling off, he still gave his team a 5-7% better chance of winning than the 2 SGs the media claimed were better than him at his position.
Rarely touted, forever doubted. That's the legacy of Dwyane Tyrone Wade."

'Nuff said.


  1. Dwayne Wade is getting old, James Harden is young and has a lot more to accomplish, I personally believe that James Harden will be better than Wade.

    1. You and Durant are entitled to your flawed opinions