Wednesday, February 19, 2014

HEAT Trade Deadline Suggestions

Two quick suggestions for improving the Miami HEAT at the trade deadline: one big and one small.

Trade #1: It's a Cole World Out There

The first trade suggestion comes from this rumor: Norris Cole Receiving Significant Inquiries As Heat Refuse To Deal Him - RealGM Wiretap.

I don't know if the Sixers are one of the teams interested in Cole, but I'd send the expiring contracts of #ShavedMonkeyNuts (aka Shane Battier), most of the HEAT bench in Erik Spoelstra's rotation and a 2017 1st round pick to them for the contracts of Thaddeus Young and Hollis Thompson.

Young and Thompson's production for the Sixers translates to an estimated 2.7 wins after the trade deadline in the HEAT system, while the 5 traded players' production is worth an est. 2.8 wins. The HEAT will need to pickup 3 additional players to meet the NBA's minimum roster requirement of 13 players. I would suggest Justin Hamilton and DeAndre Liggins from the HEAT's D-League affiliate get a chance at two of those slots along with James Nunnally from the D-League, if he's still available.

What the HEAT get out of the trade is a power forward the same size as #ShavedMonkeyNuts, that's 10 years younger, more athletic and plays the same level of defense (according to Young makes 5% less of his threes, but the HEAT coaching staff can improve that the same way they improved Cole's shooting.

It's a move for the future, and will probably require the coaching staff to put in a lot of hours to figure out a way to make it work for a successful three-peat run, but it's a risk I'd take in a heartbeat. The HEAT won't get many opportunities to turn a bunch of players with below average production into a 25 year-old power forward with above average production.

Trade #2: Ray Allen Insurance

The second trade suggestion comes from the NBA rumor central for ESPN Insiders which reports the New Orleans Pelicans are shopping Anthony Morrow's contract.

If I were the GM, I'd use part of the trade exception for Joel Anthony and a 2014 2nd round draft pick to get Morrow's contract.

Morrow's shooting 48% from three this season (compared to Ray Allen's 36%). Morrow's only allowing opponents to shoot 36% from the floor and 27% from three while Ray Allen is allowing opponents to shoot 43% from the floor and 45% from three, according to An upgrade in defense and three-point shooting at the shooting guard position is essential for a three-peat if age has gotten the best of Ray Allen.


  1. No way. By the time the new guys figure out how to get productive in the Heat system, the playoffs will be over and a chance at a three-peat over. Chemistry will pay larger dividends this playoff run, than young athleticism...the Heat have a more talented, young guy on the bench they can't find minutes for now (Beasley) and he has a hogher PER than any of your trades picks. They have enough to three-peat and will, at some point need to use Beasley and Oden and Lewis to get a few games in this playoff run! They will get a little younger on the wing next year if Battier retires and James Ennis make the team from his Australian tour.

    1. Mark:

      1st, PER is useless:

      2nd, Cole is the only 1 of those traded players that could see significant minutes in the playoffs. The rest are statistically insignificant:

      The only chemistry concerns would be replacing Cole with Thaddeus Young in the rotation. If Spo can't do that then he isn't the hall of fame coach many proclaim him to be.