Tuesday, March 4, 2014

LeBron James Took the Bobcats Defense Back to the Bottom

The Charlotte Bobcats defense improved from one of the worst against small forwards at the beginning of the season to one that was above average... until it ran into LeBron James Monday night in American Airlines Arena.

Here are the rankings for the Bobcats defense in points allowed to small forwards:
  • November - 26th, allowing 21.4 points per 48 minutes
  • December - 3rd, allowing 15.8 points per 48 minutes
  • January - 11th, allowing 18.4 points per 48 minutes
  • February - 8th, allowing 17.3 points per 48 minutes

The Bobcats defense ranked 13th in points allowed to small forwards before the all-star break. The Bobcats defense now ranks 20th in points allowed after LeBron hit them over the head for 61 points last night.

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